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Welcome to “The Original “ …. Wholesale Property Club! A proven portal of information which has revealed to investors and their professional advisors the best kept secret in property purchasing.

Would you like to have the EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to save $125,000 on your next investment property purchase?

Our clients just did exactly that by purchasing their own investment property in our last project in a hotspot location only 8 km from the Brisbane CBD. 14 apartments with a high walk score and naturally with all the attributes the most discerning and analytical property investors would expect to find.

How did our clients rank these most recent investment property purchases?

All sold in 3 weeks from our VIP launch! Our VIP launch gives all the members of the Wholesale Property Club an opportunity to do their due diligence prior to any general market release.

All our projects are:

Off Market Opportunities - no real estate agents or big site Internet marketing - exclusively only available here and from our Alliance Partners

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We have clients participating in over 8 projects currently and all in areas that the mainstream property researchers have recognised as “Hotspots” in Queensland.

This is a method of purchasing that developers certainly don’t want you to know about as it takes their profit away and gives it all to you!

This is an easy to understand process which follows a similar path to purchasing any investment property which gives everyone the opportunity to assess what all our clients believe is a better way of investing in property using SMSF, Line of credit or cash funds ! …….

Most people who chose to participate have done so with the guidance of their advisory professionals and “ The Wholesale Property Way” is certainly helping them recover from the devastation of the GFC while ensuring there is a great peace of mind knowing that all our projects have been funded by the Major Banks.

“Never Pay Retail Again ….. Why would you?

One thing I am completely certain about! … Our clients will never again walk into a real estate office or a developer’s display home or deal with a property marketing company to purchase an investment property. WHY ? …. They now understand they can have the development profit for themselves and achieve a scenario where their property has instant equity on day one of approximately 20%, usually cash positive and their deposit returns to them to use again and again ….

It’s not Too Good to be True! {Even though that was the initial thought of every one of our long-term clients}

Call us any time for a confidential discussion and allow me to show you, that in amongst the sometimes overwhelming mass of information and proclamation that is on the net, our clients have found a simpler way through the maze -The Wholesale Property Club way!

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