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Your own platform designed to integrate, collaborate and lower the costs of property transactions.

APX Provides an Online transaction platform for Developers, Sales and Strategic Advisors to build sales, monitor delivery and stay on top of all the moving parts in real estate transactions.

Selling real estate, funding real estate, managing sales teams internally and inviting external sales teams is the purpose of APX.

  Harness the power of information flowing through your existing network and leverage the economies of scale that can be realised through automated, lean business processes and real-time data  

Power of Flow 

There is no greater force in nature than the power of flow and with APX, the Australian real estate industry now has the means to tap into this flow too. Using cutting edge technology, a software-as-a-service approach to innovation and lean, automated process workflows, APX provides property professionals with a complete value-added solution for managing property sales, marketing, business administration and data analysis.

Visible and Transparent 

Our platform increases the ease with which information flows through and to your business using a common framework to manage and communicate with all parties in your network at any given point in real time. It reduces the administrative and communication burden associated with the purchasing process, while improving end-to-end visibility and transparency so that you can start to use the data available in your existing network to add value for clients.

Central Location 

APX unites all parties through end-to-end workflow management, automated communication and reporting processes to immediately increase the quality and quantity of information flow in your business. The advantage of the APX framework is simple and compelling –we provide the means to access real time, unbiased and evidence-based insight into your business, market and industry that you can trust – the type of information that flows naturally when you have the willing participation of all parties involved.


Load your data

Upload your history

Build your Portfolio

Build your profile and portfolio

Connect to others

Contacts, partners, suppliers


Transact on your platform

  APX provides a central and secure meeting place for


Sales Organisations,

Strategy Consultants,

staff and clients

ensuring YOU are in a position to lead the wave of change facing the real estate industry in Australia.